Getting the word out is essential for any business. That’s how you create that needed buzz to boost your business. Being featured on a notable website or a magazine that enjoys wide circulation is a huge deal that’s why you must always be ready with the one thing that’ll elevate your business status: a flawless press kit.

What it is

Also called a media kit, a press kit is basically a resume for your business. It introduces your company in a clear and concise manner without sacrificing style. An awesome press kit delivers — it grabs the readers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression. The result? A significant increase of interest in your product or service generating a demand for more features and media outings.

Its ingredients

A first-rate press kit must have the necessary elements to give a comprehensive view of your business. Of course, the kit must be tailor-made for your target audience. A potential investor, for example, might have a longer and more-detailed presentation as compared to a news writer who is constantly pressed for time. However, despite the variations in the length and style, there are some key ingredients that your press kit must encompass.

1. Introduction

The first page details WHY you believe your business is worth the readers’ time. Here, you will present what they will expect in your press kit, your willingness to meet for succeeding meetings, and your contact information. Remember, this is where you can make a good first impression. Make sure this page is visually catching and the content is on-point. This is when you either win or lose the reader so first impression matters!

2. Company facts

This is the part where you offer an in-depth look into who you are and what your business is all about. Here, you will talk about your company’s history, the people running the show, your company’s track record, the customers you have served, where you are located and so on. This is data-heavy so the challenge is to present information in a creative way! Graphic representations can go a long way.

3. Press releases and recent publications

You can definitely add credibility to your business if you have press releases on what you’ve been doing so far. These should be included in your press kit as well.
Proposed news story. Some writers would appreciate it if you already have a format that they can use to either base their article on or even print in verbatim. This saves them precious time so including this in your press kit will score you a couple of brownie points.

4. Frequently asked questions

Identify which questions should be included here and have the answers ready. This saves editors the time to clarify some of the things previously mentioned in your press kit.
Financial statements. Your company’s financial standing is important information for press kits meant for investors and potential customers.

Some reminders

There are a couple of things to be mindful of as you prepare your press kits. Here are some of them:

– Visual branding is very important. Make sure you have high-resolution images of your logo and products that can be used by media outfits.
– Make sure you have a ready cachet of activity pictures that, at the very least, look like they were professionally taken.
– Be ready with a sheet that details various information such as community-service involvement, upcoming activities, significant statistics, and so on. Once an investor or an editor asks for information, you can quickly furnish with them with the needed data.
– A beautiful press kit is not enough. You really have to do the leg work. Establish networks. Set appointments with key media outlets. Initiate activities that will provide an opportunity for your business to gain traction where publicity is concerned. An idle press kit, no matter how awesome, is useless. You have to sell it yourself.
– Go digital! This widens your reach even more while you go paperless. It’s a win-win for you and for the environment!

A well-made press kit speaks volumes about one’s business. Once you get it right and you deliver it well, more and more people will take notice. So take a crack at it and get the word out!


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